Monday, November 12, 2007

Stella Artois - Pass it On y Le Passage

Dos comerciales de Stella Artois. Simplemente verlos y adicioné la info proporcionada por su blog (
Todo lo que puedo agregar está de más.

Pass It On

'Pass it on' is the first film celebrating the Artois family of beers. It features the new strapline 'pass on something good' which describes the care and craftsmanship that Artois passes on both to the consumer and to the future Artois brewers.

The film depicts an intimate village pub in a timeless continental world. We are invited to witness a close community engaging in gestures of kindness; from passing the forgotten hat of an elderly gentleman along from hand to hand, to lending a young man a comb when a pretty young woman enters the room.

These caring acts serve as an analogy for the care that has been passed on from the Artois brewery over six centuries

Le Passage

Agency: Lowe Brindfors, Stockholm / Lowe, London
Production Company: Alphabetical Order, Stockholm

Le Passage is an interactive animated short film inspired by early 20th poster design and constructivist cell animation.

The film guides you through the content of the site. The story is told through a character representing the Artois brewmaster, as he takes a typographical journey through the world of Artois on a quest to fill his chalice with the fabled Artois liquid.

As the brewmaster progresses through each section of the site you can stop off and enter the digital world of Artois.

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